Club Monaco’s fresh new start.

As I walked through Soho in New York City, I was captivated by Club Monaco’s display window. It’s simplicity, all white, clean, uncrowded. Perfectly chosen clothes laid out and set on each mannequin. Inside, white painted bricks surround the walls, chandeliers, staircases, wooden floors combined with specifically chosen tile and washed out rugs. It all lures […]

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Art and Performance

Art and performance have been hand in hand for a long time. Influencers such as Marina Abramović have presented us with some of the most powerful performances in some of the most important art venues in the world. Ambramović has collaborated with many important people including Jay-Z with his performance of ‘Picasso Baby’ at the Pace Gallery in New York City. In last month’s Mercedes Benz’ fashion week in Mexico City, Malafacha the -always closing- designer of the week, amazed us with a bizarre runway show. Yes, a different concept than Jay-Z and Ambramović’s performance, but similar in that it is still art and performance working together.They decided to incorporate their collection into a performance with three professional dancers. They mixed baroque style music with contemporary dancing. As the model’s walked by the dancers performed around them. The collection was a grey & white scale and in the end only one red dress to contrast the whole theme.From the four shows I went to throughout the week, Malafacha’s was by far the most impacting and well produced.
Runway shows are now a contest on who spends the most money in production factors more than the clothes presented by the designer, and I believe it is what attracts the most attention and sells.

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